Live in a private dorm. Study in Poland!

We are a group of Student Depot private dormitories in the largest Polish academic cities: Łódź, Poznań, Lublin, Wrocław, Warsaw, Gdańsk and Cracow!

Our dormitories will provide you with everything you need to comfortably live, study and spend your free time. When you live with us, you don’t worry about anything. We will take care of: media, Internet access, possible repairs, the best international company, security and your free time.

Get to know our offer

  • Student Depot Łódź Wróblewskiego

    Book your room for the academic year 2024/25 now!

    When if not now??? From March we invite you to rent a student apartment at Student Depot. Only now you can choose a room and have a place guaranteed!

  • Student Depot Gdańsk

    Comfortable student flats

    In the private Student Depot dormitory, you can live in one of the single or double rooms of a high, modern standard. The studios are fully furnished and have an individual bathroom and a kitchenette. In our dormitory you will find everything necessary to feel like in your own apartment and at the same time be close to students from all over the world who like to live at the Student Depot during their studies or Erasmus program.

  • Student Depot Gdańsk

    Location close to the center

    Student Depot private dormitories are located close to public transport stops and are always very well connected with the very centres of the cities and the largest universities. Next to our student dormitories, there are green areas, shops, bistros, fitness clubs and other places necessary for a comfortable student life. Often, there are also city bike stations nearby.

  • Student Depot Gdańsk

    Premium amenities in dormitories

    In our dormitories you can experience the exceptional comfort of accommodation. Wi-Fi and utilities are included in the rent, and 24/7 security will take care of your safety.
    In addition, in the work & chill zone you will spend time together with other students and meet friends for life! In each dormitory you have access to laundry facilities, in some facilities you will find a bicycle room, a snack machine and a communal kitchen.

  • Student Depot Wrocław

    International company

    At Student Depot you will meet young people from all over Poland and the world. So far, we have hosted people from over 52 countries around the world! Living in such an international environment is a great opportunity to practice the foreign languages you are learning.

  • Student Depot Gdańsk

    Attractive program of integration events

    You will not be bored with us! In the common areas you will always meet someone interesting with whom you can exchange a word, and additionally the Student Depot implements an extensive program of events that will help you meet your fellow residents of the dormitory. Starting with yoga, chess tournaments, pizza parties, movie evenings or PS5 competitions, and ending with joint trainings in the gym.

  • Global Student Living Award for Student Depot

    The Global Student Living Award 2023 in the Best Value for Money (Europe) category went to Student Depot!
    The award is extremely valuable because it is awarded solely on the basis of direct feedback from tens of thousands of students from 200 universities and colleges.

  • The "International Operator of the Year" statuette in the hands of Student Depot

    'International Operator of the Year' award at the Property Week Student Housing Awards in London went to our platform Student Depot.
    The jury recognized Student Depot's response to the pandemic, particularly their success in overcoming the difficulties brought on by the COVID-19. Student Depot has beaten as many as 8 counter candidates!

Why is it worth living with us?

  • You can watch videos and learn online Free Internet
  • You'll get in shape quickly Fitness zone
  • You will not be surprised by the water
    or electricity bill.
    Utilities included
  • You and your belongings
    are safe with us.
    24 / 7 security
  • You will meet people from
    all over the world while spending time together
    Work & chill zone

Our apartments

  • Student Depot Warsaw

    Single rooms

    In the private Student Depot dormitory, you can live in one of the single rooms of a high, modern standard. The studios are fully furnished and have an individual bathroom with shower and a kitchenette with cooking hob and fridge. In some of the dormitories, they are available in different colour versions so that everyone can choose the one they feel best in. It is a perfect option for people who value independence and privacy.

  • Student Depot Gdańsk

    Double rooms

    Our double rooms have been designed to make each person feel comfortable. Some of the apartments are equipped with two separate beds, and others are intended for couples - they have one larger bed. The studios are fully furnished and have a bathroom with shower and kitchenette with cooking hob nd fridge. Perfect choice for friends and couples or those who are open to making new friends.

  • Student Depot Wilanowska

    Cluster rooms

    This type of room is an ideal option for people who want to live together with their small group (3-4 people max). Each person can have their own or shared bedroom, and at the same time share the kitchen and bathroom with the people in the next room. A perfect solution for friends from the same department or city.


Student Depot is much more than a dormitory. It is a community of young people who want to be independent, have a great space to live and study, but at the same time want to enjoy the company of people similar to them from different parts of Poland and the world. Our student houses are also a good place to develop your passion and share it with others. Chess tournaments, PS5 games, joint trainings at the gym, cooking or morning jogging - these are just some of the activities which take place at our dormitories each year. What else may happen depends only on our tenants, their needs and ideas.

In the Student Depot dormitory, everyone will find a place for themselves, regardless of where they come from, what language they speak, what religion they believe in and what their views are. The proportion of tenants from Poland to foreigners in our dormitories is on average 50% to 50%. So far, we have hosted students from over 52 countries around the world.

They talk about us

Life at Student Depot is an incredible experience! The atmosphere is friendly, and communal events integrate our community. The dormitory is a fantastic place where I start the day full of energy and end it with a smile on my face.

- Vitalina, Ukraine Student Depot Lublin

I didn't expect student housing to accommodate so many of my everyday needs - a great kitchen where I could cook with my friends, a gym, and even a study area. However, student Depot not only met my expectations but exceeded them.

- Gustaw, Poland Student Depot Kraków

Student Depot is an international environment where I met friends from all over the world, as well as a safe space offering comfortable rooms.

- Sofiia, Ukraine Student Depot Lublin

I value the community at Student Depot the most. I can write about anything at any time of day or night. There's always someone willing to help, lend a missing ingredient for cooking dinner, or simply spend a pleasant time in the common areas.

- Franciszek, Poland Student Depot Gdańsk

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a reservation?

It is very easy ! You can do this via the dormitory website, selecting the type of room you are interested in and clicking BOOK NOW. The whole process is simple and intuitive and ends with the payment of a service fee and a deposit in the amount of one rent. Payment of these fees is tantamount to accepting the regulations and concluding a contract, and thus reserving a room in the Student Depot dormitory. You can also make a reservation in person by visiting the selected dormitory and viewing the selected studio, single or double room.

Is there a deposit, in what amount and when is it returned?

The deposit at the Student Depot is only the amount of one month's rent. It is paid at the room booking stage along with a non-returnable service fee. The deposit is not the first or the last rent and it is kept by the Student Depot until the end of the tenancy.
After confirming the technical condition of the room, after the end of the rental period, the deposit in full or deducting the costs of necessary repairs is refunded within 14 working days from the confirmation of your account number.

Can the lease agreement be terminated at any time?

The agreement that the tenant concludes with Student Depot is a premises lease agreement for a fixed period, so it is binding for the entire predetermined period and, according to the law, it cannot be terminated at any time.
To meet the expectations of tenants and understanding their sometimes dynamically changing life situation, Student Depot may offer the possibility of early termination of such an agreement by mutual agreement of the parties, provided that the current tenant or Student Depot finds a new tenant for the room being vacated. In such a case, from the set date included in the new lease agreement for this premises, the new tenant bears the rental costs. The only cost for the first tenant is the deposit, which Student Depot reserves the right to keep.

What do I get in the rental price?

At Student Depot, you get a package of benefits regardless of the rental period! The price of the Student Package includes fees for the apartment and utilities: water, electricity and heating, as well as security in the building and free technical assistance in your apartment. The rent also includes high-speed Internet and access to the Work&Chill zone, where you can study and relax! Throughout the rental period you don't have to worry about anything other than good university results and planning your free time.

When and how do I pay my monthly rent?

At the Student Depot, the rent can be paid in advance for the entire rental period or in monthly installments by the 5th day of the month for the current period. The rent can be paid online or by bank transfer to the Student Depot account. We do not accept cash!

Can I choose the date of arrival and check-in?

Yes, you can agree on your chosen arrival date with us during a given month by marking it in your customer account or by sending us an e-mail with information. We encourage you to plan your arrival as early as possible in the first month of your stay, as the rental period covers full months. However, you do not have to move in on the first day of your lease if you do not need to.

What booking periods can I choose?

Most students living at the Student Depot dormitories plan to spend 12 months with us from September to August. Other options are available for Erasmus students. Summer is also a great time to stay at the Student Depot - if you are planning a longer or shorter stay in the city in the summer, contact us and we will certainly choose the optimal option of staying in a dormitory in August. The current booking periods are available on the website of a specific room in a given dormitory.

Can I have guests over?

Of course! We care about safety, so each guest completes a short form and may stay at the Student Depot until 11 PM. If you want a guest to stay for the night, you pay a fee of PLN 30 per night. This amount allows us to cover the cost of additional utilities.

Is it possible to return to the dormitory at any time or is it closed for the night?

You can come back at any time as the reception staff are always on site 24/7 and each resident has their own room key and proximity key fob to access the building.

Does Student Depot help with visa formalities?

Of course. We have extensive experience in this field and we issue appropriate certificates after the deposit and the reservation fee are paid.

Do you help choose a roommate?

At Student Depot, we help you find the best roommate. You can live with a person of the same gender, from a similar university, and often even from the same field of study. If you feel like it, of course, invite your friend to also choose the Student Depot dormitory and live with you.

Can I rent cleaning equipment on site? Are there laundries?

Yes, the cleaning equipment is available free of charge at the reception. You can also purchase additional room cleaning at any time of the lease. In each of the dormitories there are also laundries for a sensible fee.

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