Our apartments

Choose the perfect place for you
Each student is different and has different needs related to his personality, but also to the specificity of the studies he undertook. That is why at Student Depot we offer various accommodation options depending on individual preferences:

A one-person studio, for those who value independence and need more peace, because their studies require a lot of their own work.


Studio for two people, which is an ideal solution for couples or friends who want to spend a lot of time together and spend less money on their student accommodation

All our tenants have in common, however, that they are looking for nice, modern and fresh interiors, in a place that is well connected with the university and which offers them the opportunity to meet their peers from all over the world. And that's what Student Depot dormitories offer!

  • Student Depot Warsaw

    Single rooms

    In the private Student Depot dormitory, you can live in one of the single rooms of a high, modern standard. The studios are fully furnished and have an individual bathroom with shower and a kitchenette with cooking hob and fridge. In some of the dormitories, they are available in different colour versions so that everyone can choose the one they feel best in. It is a perfect option for people who value independence and privacy.

  • Student Depot Gdańsk

    Double rooms

    Our double rooms have been designed to make each person feel comfortable. Some of the apartments are equipped with two separate beds, and others are intended for couples - they have one larger bed. The studios are fully furnished and have a bathroom with shower and kitchenette with cooking hob nd fridge. Perfect choice for friends and couples or those who are open to making new friends.