Large double room

Room details

You have an independent room, fully furnished and locked with individual keys. It has individual beds, desks with chairs, wardrobes, bedside cabinets, a sofa and armchairs. The area of the room is ca. 37 m2. A wall-to-wall carpet makes the room more cosy. You can study and rest comfortably in it. You can enjoy a bathroom with a shower or a bathtub.



11 months (10.2018-08.2019)
866 PLN/mth*
10 months (09.2018 - 06.2019)
890 PLN/mth
5 months (02.2019-06.2019)
890 PLN/mth

You are 4 steps away from moving in the Student Depot

*The fee between October and June is PLN 890 and in July and August – PLN 757